Bridge Technology

This page contains links to the two main hardware technologies that a club might use.

Wireless Scoring Sytems which enable results to be entered on a little box on each table and wirelessly update the results as the event is progressing.

Dealing Machines for automatically dealing cards into boards.

Wireless Scoring For Duplicate Bridge using standard low cost tablets. Interfaces to any scoring software.

Bridge Scorer is a bridge scoring system that uses modern technology for electronic, wireless scoring of all kinds of bridge tournaments

The Bridge+Dealer sits at the middle of the bridge table and invisibly and quietly deals the next hands while you play

Bridgemate II is the successor of the Bridgemate Pro wireless scoring system.

Bridgepad is a wireless scoring system.

BridgePal is a freeware wireless scoring system for bridge sessions based on the use of android smartphones or tablets, rather than dedicated scoring units.

Jannersten card dealing machine

Bridget wireless scoring system.

BridgeTab is a new approach to electronic scoring.

NO special hardware is needed. You can convert inexpensive standard tablets to an easy to use BridgeTab with unlimited possibilities within seconds...

A card dealing machine using bar coded playing cards.
A card dealing machine using standard playing cards.

TabScore provides wireless scoring for the card game bridge.